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What is an escape room?

An escape room is a 60 minute real life adventure game.

You and your team will assemble in a themed room and will have one hour to complete your mission and “escape” the room. A successful “escape” will require you to find hidden clues and solve challenging puzzles throughout the room. We put “escape” in quotes because it’s a game, so you aren’t physically locked inside anything, and the challenge is to beat the game! So take a look behind the plant, sift through the books on the shelves, and take a closer look at all those paintings on the wall. You may find a string of numbers you need for a combination lock or you might need to rearrange things on a desk in order to trigger a hidden panel. Everywhere you look is a potential clue to get out of an escape room or riddle waiting to be solved. So grab a small group of people with their wits about them, and hurry, the clock starts ticking the moment you enter the escape room!

What do I need to bring with me?

Just your ID, no outside gear or set up is required in order to play the game. Make sure you arrive 15 minutes before your game time!

How many people can play?

An ideal experience is six people, but the room can be played with four or eight comfortably. Two is technically possible, but not recommended.

How long is it?

The game is 60 minutes, the entire experience takes between 75 and 90 minutes including check-in.

Are you physically locked in the room?

The door remains unlocked the entire experience, you are trying to beat the game, not physically escape from any locked area

Is it scary?

Our rooms are not designed with any sort of horror theme. Other experiences around the country do have horror or haunted house themes, ours do not.

If the room is not fully booked, will I have to play with people I don't know?

There are eight slots available for our rooms, you can purchase all tickets to make it a private experience if you do not want to play with people you do not know.

What is the age limit?

Children from ages 8-12 are encouraged to participate but must be accompanied by an adult. All participants under the age of 18 will have to have a waiver signed by their legal guardian. 7 and under are free.

(We do have a two non-paying children limit in any room at one time due to limited physical space in the rooms)

What happens if I’m late to my appointment?

Due to having bookings before and after your timeslot, your appointment is like a nonrefundable movie ticket. Your experience starts at your designated time, with or without you.

Can I bring my cell phone?

You may keep your cell phone with you, we ask that you keep it in your pocket for the entire experience. Phone calls may be taken if needed.

What should I wear?

We recommend any outfit that you feel comfortable in and can crouch, kneel, stand, bend and walk around in comfortably. We do recommend close toed shoes, only so your friends don’t step on your feet in sandals, you will be decently close together throughout the experience.